Saturday, 26 February 2011

about me..^_^

hellow...guys... I;m thuwaibah hassan basri..
I'm 14 years old..
Rawang selangor..
actually,is my first time i made my own one hepl me..:) ..and..urmm..if u dont like my blog dn't read it..if u like it comment on it okay..i dont mnd..^_^
i love my family,my bff n my cousin..:)
urmm.. and i live at Egypt..cause my dad have a work at univercity i have to follow my paren'ts..huhu..
I live Egypt like 4 months.. that's take a long time to
I am soooo happy and time there..with my family and my friends...
(if i;m wrong..plzz correct it)oky)

that's for all today..
well see u soon..

that;s my pics..
lol that;s was edit..not..real..okay..
me again... twins emo iabh..
hahha :)

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